The Berke Administration is relentlessly focused on reducing violence in Chattanooga. To combat crime, the city will combine innovative, immediate responses to crime with long term strategies to prevent crime before it happens. In addition, the City will make decisions based on the most accurate and recent data. A safe city requires neighborhoods that provide safe paths, are well lit and well maintained, provide economic opportunity for all citizens, and include Police Officers and FireFighters who are a part of the community. Our operational resources, like police, fire and 911 services work together seamlessly to respond to emergencies.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Reduce shootings
  • Reduce fire risk
  • Increase the sense of safety in the City
  • Reduce violent crimes
  • Increase trust between law enforcement and citizens
  • Reduce incidents of domestic violence
  • Reduce juvenile crime
  • Increase Mental Health and Addiction Services

Overall budget proposals are encouraged to include:

  • Clear & measurable goals
  • Multi-agency and/or multi-department collaboration
  • Mechanisms for citizen involvement & feedback
  • Sustainable practices
  • Research/Evidence based best practices

Budget Strategies:

  • Reduce shootings ┬áby targeting individuals engaging in group violence, notifying them of a more meaningful response to violent behavior, and then offering socials services including job and life skills training, transitional housing, drug and alcohol rehab and others
  • Reduce violent crime by making sure the police have the tools, technology, and data to respond quickly to your needs and successfully prosecute violent aggressors
  • Provide coordinated services to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible
  • Maintain safe and secure streets, facilities, and public spaces for all citizens
  • Provide community outreach to at-risk constituencies including but not limited to individuals with a criminal history, homeless Chattanoogans, and juvenile offenders. Strategies must be evidence based best practices supported by empirical data
  • Tailor community outreach and support to victims of crime
  • Enforce current alcohol and drug laws while providing support through community partnerships to Chattanoogans struggling with addiction
  • Provide police officers and firefighters with the tools they need to do their job
  • Provide effective re-entry services including job placement, financial counseling, drug treatment, license reinstatement, and housing assistance
  • Effectively target prevention and education efforts on repeat offenders
  • Establish strong partnerships between service providers and law enforcement to identify and effectively treat individuals with mental health issues
  • Continue to work with partners to provide co-located services for victims of domestic violence in a central location; namely the Family Justice Center