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Reviews Entered for Offer:   The First Tee of Tennessee at Chattanooga   (ID 28032 Phase: Initial Offer)
By Reviewer on January 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM
Impact Priority Implementation Measures Approach
4: Good 4: Good 3: Adequate, with room for improvement 4: Good 4: Good
Reviewer Comments

The team appreciates the program and it’s efforts to get young people outside and developing confidence and life skills through athletic activities. Please go into more detail about what conditions require reversion to video only for the trainings. Also, please go into a bit of detail of what the videos will include and how long they will be. Please explain the ‘core values’ and ‘life skills’ that this program instills in participants and how that translates into better outcomes in students.

Be sure and submit all necessary documents required to complete application for funding.

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