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Reviews Entered for Offer:   Carter Street Corporation DBA Chattanooga Convention Center   (ID 28069 Phase: Initial Offer)
By Reviewer on January 23, 2021 at 2:38 PM
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4: Good 4: Good 1: Inadequate 1: Inadequate 1: Inadequate
Reviewer Comments

Copied last year’s offer and did not provide agency documents. Please proofread your offer and update it. How did COVID 19 impact your FY21 operations. How did you use your FY21 funds? Are there opportunities to take conventions outdoors on our sidewalks or outdoor spaces? How do you partner with local businesses when conventions come to town? How will you plan to address covid in FY22? Need some more information on how your FY21 funds were used in the midst of covid to determine FY22 funding levels.

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