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Reviews Entered for Offer:   Increased Administrative Productivity and Developing Future Leaders   (ID 11593 Phase: Initial Offer)
By Reviewer jirvin on February 8, 2019 at 3:45 PM
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Reviewer Comments

Official HPG Team Feedback. Thank you for your well-written offer. Please see questions and comments below.

Is it possible to reinstate this position and include Community Service/Recruiting in job duties? Sounds like the two could be combined for maximum effectiveness for positive encounters WITHIN and OUTSIDE the department.

It’s not crystal clear what this person would actually do; we suggest providing specifics in the plan and omitting information that pertains to the HR recruitment process.

We appreciate the historic function of this position as a training ground for future CFD administrative leadership, but we suggest focusing more on how the specific functions of this position can’t be accomplished through organization of the department. for example; can there not be intermediate positions for sworn response-type firemen and women who might have the opportunity to branch out and serve in broader roles, either in training, policy and procedure, or community engagement?

I think you could track the number of sessions and the number of program participation (both by sessions and by individual mentorship programs). You could also report and track the ISO grading report. You might track hours spent with interns or something in that realm. Just throwing out ideas per your request. I do believe in troop morale and providing opportunities for advancement. Chattanooga needs to spend more time investing in our personnel.

I’d like to see more time and effort put into the approach. Demonstrate you have thought through how you would implement training, when, and who would benefit from it (i.e. how many Fire Fighters are waiting for a program leader and program like this?).

Also, The Community Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator Offer #11594 outlines a position to handle interns if funded.

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