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Reviews Entered for Project: Police Laptops (ID 11828 Phase: Initial Request)
By Reviewer on February 13, 2019 at 8:45 AM
(Only one Project Type should have scores.)
Project Type: Programmatic
Future Needs Impact Priorities Collaboration
Project Type: Internal City Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
3: Adequate, with room for improvement 4: Good 4: Good 4: Good
Project Type: Infrastructure
Impact Priorities Existing System Economic Development Collaboration
Project Type: External Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
Reviewer Comments

Concur with other comments regarding feasibility of integrating this into TRF. Also please provide supporting information regarding number of replacements needed and how many can be purchased through this request; if fully-funded there will be a surge in CPD vehicle replacements this year, does that create need for additional new laptops?

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