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Reviews Entered for Project: RECOVER System (ID 11703 Phase: Initial Request)
By Reviewer on February 8, 2019 at 4:04 PM
(Only one Project Type should have scores.)
Project Type: Programmatic
Future Needs Impact Priorities Collaboration
Project Type: Internal City Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
Project Type: Infrastructure
Impact Priorities Existing System Economic Development Collaboration
Project Type: External Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
3: Adequate, with room for improvement 4: Good 4: Good 4: Good
Reviewer Comments

It would be useful to know how much of the request is for the intital purchase of the system and then the ongoing operation for the year and how long these systems tend to last before needing replacement. Fund from R&R (Maybe even FY19 if available funding.) The maintenance of the vapor technique is unknown as the chemical must be disposed of when used. It probably has an expiration so new would need to be purchased if it remains past shelf life. These could be significant costs. Are these costs known?

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