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Reviews Entered for Project: Public Realm Tactical Pilot Projects (ID 14817 Phase: Initial Request)
By Reviewer srmiller on February 8, 2019 at 9:13 AM
(Only one Project Type should have scores.)
Project Type: Programmatic
Future Needs Impact Priorities Collaboration
Project Type: Internal City Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
Project Type: Infrastructure
Impact Priorities Existing System Economic Development Collaboration
4: Good 4: Good 5: Exemplary 3: Adequate, with room for improvement 2: Needs Improvement
Project Type: External Operations
Sustainability Impact Health/Safety Costs
Reviewer Comments

Provide additional (specific) information on purpose. Seems like a good opportunity for external funds through a public private partnership. Might want to clarify in project title that this is for a limited geographic scope. Does this include funds for integrating artists and artworks in public realms pilot projects? Is money for the projects that will be proposed or Public Realm Action Plan?

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