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Section 1 – Project Summary
(Initial Request for Budget Year 2022   Project ID: 28813   Ready for Review?
Project Name
Water Cannons at Riverpark
Is this an existing capital project?
No, this is a new project.
Project Cost Center: Not Available.
Capital Project Type
Internal City Operations
Primary Results Area Infrastructure Categorization
Growing Economy Park Development/Amenities
Department/Agency Type
Public Works Department
Section 2 – Summary
Project Summary

We want to bring in an Engineering firm to evaluate the water cannons and offer a plan for mitigation including repair or replacement of the water feature.

Importance of Project and Why

The water cannons are pictured in many images of Chattanooga, meant to attract tourists. They have not functioned properly in a few years and citizens and visitors are disappointed.

Section 3 – Project Budget Request
City Funding Requested External Funding
$1,000,000.00 0
Breakdown of External Funds
Total Requested Funding for FY 2022 (including External Funds)
Outyear Funding Requested
FY 2023: 0
FY 2024: 0
FY 2025: 0
FY 2026: 0
April 1, 2022
15 years
Section 4 – Additional Information (NOT needed for Pre-Submission)
Total Project Cost Estimate (Including Outyear and External Funds)
Basis of Cost Estimate
Impact on Operations’ Costs
Does not Impact- one time project
Is the Impact One-time or Ongoing?
By What Amount Will Cost Increase or Decrease?
Impact on Operations
Project Address
201 Riverfront Pkwy
Detailed Description

This is a placeholder amount until we have a proposal from an Engineering firm.

Section 5 – Attachments (NOT needed for Pre-Submission)
Agency-Level Attachments (NOT needed for Pre-Submission)
No Entries Found
Section 6 – Contact Information
Contact Name Contact Email
James Bergdoll

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